Need an architect for your affordable housing project?
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People need affordable housing. Today more than ever, the design should be energy efficient and use sustainable methods. At AHS we guide this process by working with Federal guidelines on LEED/Green building solutions for new projects and renovations. AHS maintains a team of fully licensed architects that provide new site design and modernization/rehabilitation design for existing structures. Combined with our due diligence consulting services and other affordable housing partners, your project will be executed smoothly and handled professionally.

Project Phasing Design

Design that considers existing residents and accommodates best practices to minimalize community disruption during construction.

Architectural Design Services

A member of the AIA, AHS has licensed, certified architects to develop and plan new construction, rehab, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

Engineering Services

Structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical - all are part of the services of Architectural Housing Solution. Work is all in one place and easy.

Master Planning

Provides direction and vision to goals. Master plans provide an overview of current housing conditions and recommendations for future expansion and maintenance of quality, affordable housing.

Building Surveys and Physical Needs Assessments

Mandatory for all public housing agencies, it now includes energy audit requirements. Physical Needs Assessments help identify distressed properties and enable housing authorities to make decisions about the property's long-term sustainability.


Modernization/Rehabilitation Design

Repurposing structures for a new use and upgrading existing multifamily dwellings enhances communities and expands the supply of quality affordable housing.

Landscape and Site Design

All housing projects have a responsibility to add and enhance the communities in which they exist. Well-designed landscapes encourage tenants to take pride in their homes as well as spend more time outside. With sustainable landscaping design, maintenance can sometimes cost less in the long run when compared to turf grass maintenance. By eliminating or minimalizing the need for fertilizer, pesticides, and watering the property can be beautiful and functional with minimal maintenance costs.

Public Housing Redevelopment Strategies and Design Services

We provide conceptual site and building plans that effectively communicate to investors and the general public the potential of an existing property.

Construction Cost Estimating and Budget Analysis

Get a forecast of construction costs on the basis of materials and labor for the project. Help identifying priorities, recognizing trade-offs, and re-estimating project costs.

LEED/Green Design and Consulting Servies

Design that is environmentally responsible. Building strategies that are sustainable. Homes that are energy efficient.

Project Phasing Design

Design that considers existing residents and accommodates best practices to minimalize community disruption during construction.

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